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Intermodal Transportation

Intermodal TransportationAll over the world, safe, economic.

As Atom International Transportation and Logistics, we work for our customers to transport their products all over the world safely and economically with our Intermodal Transportation solution, which offers cost and tonnage advantages.

Intermodal Transportation is defined as the service of transporting the products with a single load and within the same transportation unit with more than one transportation method, without touching the products. Intermodal Transportation is the transportation of the container or trailer by road, rail or sea without ever being opened. The products that are closed during loading are opened at the delivery place. The transportation of the empty container or empty trailer without a product within, is not called intermodal because there is no product.

As Atom International Transportation and Logistics, while providing Intermodal Transportation services to our customers, we make use of other transportation methods such as road vehicles, freight or Ro-Ro ships, airplanes and trains.

We carry all cargoes from pharmaceutical industry to automotive, from food to electronics to all industries and from flammable and poisonous materials to cold chain products meticulously and responsibly.

While providing comprehensive service with our expert staff, wide agent network, advanced technological infrastructure, experienced customer service unit in Intermodal Transportation, our motto is safe, on-time and economical delivery.

Areas where Atom International Transportation and Logistics makes a difference in Intermodal Transportation:
  • Direct, transit and cross transportation services
  • Wide agent network
  • Planning all kinds of possible combination: Intermodal options such as land-sea, sea-air, sea-railway
  • Suitable options for product features
  • Alternative route options
  • Online tracking system
  • Local service and support
  • Storage services
  • Customer-specific services
  • Reporting
Our Intermodal Transportation Solutions:
  • Tır + Ship / Ship + Ship / Ship + Train combined transportation
  • Closed box, tarpaulin, open, special type, refrigerated and mega container options
  • Transportation by single, wagon groups or block train
  • Combined transportation to Europe, Middle East and CIS countries
  • Railway container service, terminal handling and consultancy service
  • Fast and cost-oriented logistics solutions
We are ready to assist you for any questions you may have about Intermodal Transportation and our services.