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About Us

About Us

Time Saving, Reliable,
Quick Logistics and Transportation Solutions!
Values comes first in our corporate management culture. And these values take shape from our sense of responsibility to our customers, employee, society and environment.
Our Priorities:Reliability Reliability is the core of all of our works, services and collaborations. For this reason, we carry out our works openly and transparently.
Our Quality Policy including unconditional customer satisfaction, attention we pay to technology and needs of today and the future, customized service approach is at the top of our values. Innovation We aim to continuously improve all processes that affect the success and quality of our services. Integrity We know that we are one with our customers, business partners, employees, environment, country and the world, and we respect laws, rules, customs and traditions, differences and values. Contribution As Atom International Transportation and Logistics, we represent our values from our quality policy to our environmental policy, from our sustainability studies to our R&D studies, from our green logistics approach to our social responsibility approach.
To be a sustainable, global institution that ensures the unconditional satisfaction of its customers by producing customized services with a quality that exceeds expectations with continuous progress. To provide permanent advantages in the sector which we operate by making differences, join the forces that contribute to the development of our sector.
As a logistic company that has directed its route to the "best" with its uncompromising quality understanding, we aim to become an ever-growing company that provides reliable services to its customers and respectful to environment and laws. To continue our existence with sustainable excellence and high quality service understanding that can compete in our country and in the world.