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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We are one of the experienced and leading companies that offer all the services of the transportation and logistics sector together and at competitive prices, giving priority to reliable service and unconditional customer satisfaction. We ensure that your products arrive the place you want, at the time you want, within your conditions, without any problems and with the most cost advantage. We follow every stage of your load and share it with you.
We choose the best transportation method from AIR, ROAD, SEA, INTERMODAL, FAIR AND PROJECT TRANSPORTATION or integrated transportation methods considering your products, destination country/countries and quantity, and we determine the ideal transportation method by submitting it to your approval with alternatives.
The company that you will work with should be one of the documented, known and experienced companies in the transportation and logistics sector, and your customer representative should be experienced and in charge in this company. At the same time, all your questions should be answered, solutions should be suggested to you for all your problems.
As Atom International Transportation and Logistics, we also carry out customs procedures like other transactions of the companies we work with. We inform our customers about customs legislation and regulations, and provide detailed information about their legal obligations.
All of our products are transported meticulously, in accordance with their specifications, with the latest technological equipment, all necessary precautions have been taken, insured and guaranteed. In case of any loss, breakage or damage to our products, the financial loss is paid to our companies by the insurance.