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Our Environment Policy

Our Environment Policy

To Protect Nature And Raise Healthy Generations

Our Environmental Policy is an important part of our corporate governance culture. We take contributing to our customers, sector, country and world as our mission as of the day we established as Atom International Transportation and Logistics. Our Environment Policy is also one of these, and we conduct all of our activities by paying attention to this Environment Management Policy.

Our aim in our Environmental Management Policy is to contribute to the creation of environmental awareness with our works, to protect the resources of the world, to follow all kinds of technological developments in this regard and to leave a livable world for future generations. For this reason, we fulfill our sectoral and legal obligations in our work; We comply with ethical rules, national and international regulations, take the necessary precautions, give priority to the use of recyclable, less harmful materials and environmentally friendly technologies. As Atom International Transportation and Logistics , we also support our employees with training and organizations to take steps related to this policy.


To protect our environment and nature, for a clean and livable world
We are working to reduce our Carbon Footprint.

Focusing on reducing our carbon footprint is one of our priority policies. We attach importance to reducing our Carbon Footprint from planning our logistics services to using new generation tools.

We add our self-owned vehicles and investments to our fleet as electrical and green vehicles.

We contribute to our nature for the kilometers we get with our trucks. Each tree we plant absorbs 3,7 kilograms of carbon dioxide from the air.

We take care to use recycled materials in our offices and apply waste management.

We prioritize Consolidated Transportation and pay attention to carbon dioxide emission reduction by using less vehicles and fuel.

We use led bulbs and sensor lighting systems in our warehouses, ensure that they are used when needed, and save energy.

We raise awareness of our teams on carbon footprints and personally support them to reduce their carbon footprints.

We use all our invoices as e-invoices. We know that controlling our Carbon Footprint will make a big difference, we are always taking new steps to reduce our Carbon Footprint.