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As Atom International Transportation and Logistics we produce our data and technology in our R&D center in order to develop our existing services and support them with different business models. We benefit from smart systems from strategic planning to process development, from operational integrity to optimization, from project management to simulation, from software development to automation. By creating innovative business models with digital transformation, we meet the needs of our customers in a comprehensive way and provide our customers with a competitive advantage.

In our R&D studies continues in areas such as demand forecasting, capacity planning, routing, distribution network design, pricing, quality management, facility design, investment planning, smart storage systems, order management systems, transportation distribution systems, automatic loading and unloading systems, transportation systems of the future, robotic technologies; by simulating the entire process, we can integrate, monitor and intervene in every phase of the logistics chain.

As Atom International Transportation and Logistics our aim is to contribute not only to our customers but also to our industry, our country and the world by providing speed, integration, accuracy, excellence and efficiency to our services.