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Road Transportation

Road Transportation Our Road Transportation Solutions:

As Atom International Transportation and Logistics, we provide reliable, fast and advantageous service in all kinds of product shipments with our competent administrative staff, expert driver staff, strong and technological infrastructure, and unique solutions by keeping customer satisfaction at the forefront, with our self-owned vehicles and equipment in Road Transportation, which is the most preferred transportation method.

We carry all cargoes from pharmaceutical industry to automotive, from food to electronics to all industries and from flammable and poisonous materials to cold chain products meticulously and responsibly.

As Atom International Transportation and Logistics, while we provide transportation services to all sectors and products, we also provide transportation support to different locations both in the country and abroad. Alongside with the European countries such as Benelux, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Romania, Spain, Portugal and France, we also provide international Road Transportation to Turkic Republics and Middle East countries.

While providing door-to-door service with our expert staff, wide agent network, advanced technological infrastructure, strong vehicle fleet, and experienced customer service unit in Road Transportation, our motto is safe, on-time and economical delivery.

Areas where Atom International Transportation and Logistics makes a difference in Road Transportation
  • Expedition Frequency:
As Atom International Transport and Logistics, we deliver your complete or partial loads from door to door with our daily and weekly scheduled expeditions.
  • Provided transport services:
It can be listed as complete (FTL) and partial (LTL) transportation, multi-modal transportation, hanger transportation, special product transportation requiring hot-cold transfer, dangerous goods transportation, express transportation, transit transportation, out of gauge transportation and project transportation.
  • Customer-specific services:
As Atom International Transport and Logistics, customer-specific information and tracking system service can be exemplified as "Speedy Minivan Service" and delivery options at airspeed, guaranteed service, insurance services, loading and unloading services and storage services.
  • Storage Services
  • Reporting
Speedy Minivan Shuttle Service
As Atom International Transport and Logistics, we give great importance to the delivery of cargoes as soon as possible. For this reason, we offer "Speedy Minivan Shuttle Service" by road as an alternative to air transportation.
  • We provide guaranteed delivery between 36 and 48 hours on the Turkey-Europe line through the provided minivan service by road.
  • Minivan services are mostly preferred at 18 /+18 thermo and dangerous goods transportation.  
Our Road Transportation Solutions:
  • Export Transportation
  • Import Transportation
  • Transit Transportation
  • Groupage and Partial Transportation
  • Out of Gauge and Heavy Transportation
  • Project Transportation
  • Complete FTL Transportation
  • Partial LTL Transportation
  • Multi-Modal Transportation
  • Hanger Transportation
  • Dangerous Goods Transportation
  • Special Product Transportation Requiring Hot-Cold Transfer
  • Special Equipment Transportation
  • Speedy Minivan Transportation
  • Complete or Partial regular expeditions to every region where road transportation can be made
  • Customs Clearance and Insurance
  • Cross Transportation Models
  • 3rd Country Transportation
  • Domestic and Foreign Storage, Loading, Unloading and Distribution (In bonded or duty-free areas)
We are ready to assist you for any questions you may have about Road Transportation and our services.