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Quick Logistics and Transportation Solutions! Time Saving, Reliable,
Quick Logistics and Transportation Solutions!
Values comes first in our corporate management culture. And these values take shape from our sense of responsibility to our customers, employee, society and environment.

Atom Logistics, which has expanded its service points to a large extent over time, offers a combined logistics service to this service with its environmentally friendly, efficient and legal process equipment equipped with the most up-to-date technologies used.


Atom Logistics Services

Atom Logistics, which greatly expanded its service points over time, offers a logistics service combined with the service equipped with environmentally friendly equipment which is efficient in every aspect and moves continuously within the framework of the legal process.
For a Greener World We Know Our Responsibilities! The Door Opening to the World from Turkey

For a Greener World
We Know Our Responsibilities!

Logistics is one of the sectors with the highest environmental impacts. As Atom International Transportation and Logistics , we know our impact on the future of the world, and we work with the understanding of green logistics within the scope of our environmental policies in order to minimize the environmental impact of transportation, storage and other logistics activities.

We support the creation of solutions for zero waste and carbon footprints, and we generate ideas to produce proactive solutions. In addition to arranging our services in an environmentally friendly manner, we raise awareness of our employees and support non-governmental organizations that work to protect natural life.

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